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Telecom VAS: How to succeed with your family subscription service?

We have had excellent experiences launching dedicated family subscriptions with MNOs. We have analyzed other service providers as well, and it's clear not all family subscription services have succeeded as ours.

Here are the steps and details to follow in order to succeed with family subscriptions in a telecom (MNO, MVNO) business. These are the same steps we are following in order to gain +400.000 subscriptions in less than 12 months:

  1. Attractive Pricing: Offer competitive and affordable pricing plans for family subscriptions. Consider providing discounts or incentives for multiple lines or adding additional family members to the plan.

  2. Customizable Plans: Allow flexibility in your family subscription plans. Let customers choose the number of lines, data allowances, and other features that suit their specific needs. Offer options for shared data or individual data allocations.

  3. Value-added Services: Differentiate your family subscriptions by providing value-added services such as free or discounted access to streaming platforms, cloud storage, or other digital services that are popular among families. (We do this by adding a special tariff class for family subscribers)

  4. Mobile App - Real-time: Family subscribers should have a mobile app where they can administer and monitor family members, data usage, limitations, etcetera.

  5. Family-Friendly Offers: Create promotions and offers that specifically target families, such as discounts for children's plans, or free subscriptions for educational or child-friendly apps. Consider partnering with relevant companies or brands that cater to families.

  6. Clear Billing and Account Management: Simplify billing and account management processes for families. Provide an intuitive online portal and mobile app that allows primary account holders to manage and monitor usage, add or remove lines, and pay bills easily.

  7. Excellent Customer Service: Focus on delivering exceptional customer service, as families often have specific needs and concerns. Offer dedicated customer support channels for family subscribers and ensure their issues are resolved promptly and effectively.

  8. Cross-Selling Opportunities: Leverage family subscriptions as an opportunity to cross-sell other services or products. For example, offer discounted home broadband plans or bundle in-home security services with your mobile family subscriptions.

  9. Targeted Marketing: Tailor your marketing campaigns to reach families specifically. Utilize channels and platforms where families are likely to engage, such as parenting forums, family-oriented websites, or social media groups focused on parenting and family life.

  10. Continuous Improvement: Regularly collect feedback from family subscribers and use it to improve your offerings. Stay updated with market trends and evolving customer needs to adapt and enhance your family subscription plans over time.

Building a successful family subscription business in the MNO, MVNO space requires a deep understanding of your target audience and their unique requirements. Continuously analyze customer preferences, refine your offerings, and provide excellent service to ensure long-term success.

Launching family subscription services with us?

We are continuously searching for new opportunities in launching family subscription services with different MNOs and MVNOs. Please contact us in order to study the possibility of your telecom network.

If you have a mobile telecom network (3G, 4G, 5G), our solution does include everything else for a successful family subscription launch:

  • Integration resources

  • Telecom API for required network resources

  • Mobile App

  • Marketing experience & know-how

There is another blog post available on our success case in Vietnam with Mobifone. Want to see more details on how to create a successful family subscription service? Read: Family Plan - Success Case Vietnam .

Ready to talk? Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.


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