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Solutions for MNO´s & MVNO´s

Middleware and VAS Solutions for Telecom Operators 

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Mobile PBX

Our mPBX solution is easy to set up and a user-friendly interface. The service changes with SOHOs and SMEs as the company grows.


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Family Plans

Creates a simpler experience for families. This solution is a low initial investment for your company and increases your customer loyalty.


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Micro Office

Mobile subscription sharing with colleagues. The perfect solution for SOHO companies.  A low initial investment for your company and increases your subscription base.


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Go-to-Market support

Adaptable services to different markets, with technical resources and other support, such as workshops and sales training.


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Tailor-made solutions

Emblacom has a wide variety of telco protocols. We have built high-performance and reliable systems serving millions of subscribers.

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Increase your revenues

We help operators worldwide increase revenues and provide services with real value. With the EMS platform, operators are able to create new market opportunities and benefit from our seamless telecom solutions. We deploy high performance and reliable systems today serving a large number of subscribers worldwide.


Get one of our turn-key solutions or let us develop a customized solution for you.

Increase revenues with Emblacom solutions
Emblacom client: Claro Argentina and Ecuador
Emblacom client: Telia
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