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Mobile PBX

The easiest PBX solution for businesses out there

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Increase ARPU

Valuable solutions for your customers increase customer loyalty, subscriber base, and average revenue per user.

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Competitive advantage

Differentiate your business from the competition by creating a professional image and great customer experience when offering mPBX.

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Quick ROI

Our Saas options come with a revenue share model. We partner up and split the costs of integrating our service into your network.

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Reduce churn

Let customers focus on their businesses with a hassle-free and reliable PBX system - so you’ll receive very few support inquiries.

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Cloud hosted

No equipment needed to get started and set up mPBX solutions thanks to EMS solutions. 

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A user-friendly interface creates a smooth and easy workflow for your customers.

The SOHO and SME opportunity

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and small office/home office (SOHO) users, it’s important that every call is answered professionally so that they continue to deliver excellent customer service to their own clients and don’t lose business. MobilePBX is an easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use service that changes with SOHOs and SMEs as they grow.


24/7 support

Feature customization

Turn-key solutions

Mobile PBX has never been this easy

Your customers want to focus on their business, so their PBX needs to be hassle-free. Companies can easily set up voice menus, call queues, call distribution methods, and voice announcements. In fact, we’re confident that our PBX service is the simplest and most intuitive out there – so you’ll receive very few support inquiries, decreasing your OPEX even further.

Mobile PBX solutions for Mobile Operators

Highly valued features

The main features of our Mobile PBX solution are customized voice announcements, and distribution to mobiles, fixed lines, and SIP clients. The system offers both simultaneous and prioritized call distribution as well as unlimited virtual numbers, easy self-administration, a user-friendly interface, and altogether this increases your subscription base.

Mobile PBX solutions for Mobile Operators
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