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Customized features

We help you brainstorm and develop features for your companys success

Customized features within telecommunication at Emblacom

Tailored to your needs

Through many years of working with customers all over the world, we have developed the ability to work with a wide variety of telecommunication protocols. We have built high-performance and reliable systems serving millions of subscribers.

We are proud to supply our clients the opportunity to develop anything within our skillset areas, which are the following:

Areas of expertise

Telecommunications Protocols

  • SIP

  • Camel

  • Diameter, Protocol conversions SIP <-> Camel

  • Message Routing

  • Diameter routing agent


  • VoIP

  • VoLTE

  • VoWLAN

  • Hosted solutions and integrations

  • Fixed solutions and integrations

  • System adaptations

Developing customized features within telecommunication

Support services

We provide Go-to-Market packages including workshops, sales training, and other supporting services for you to get started. We support you from start to finish.

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Increase your revenues

We help operators worldwide increase revenues and provide services with real value.


With Emblacom Mobility Suite (EMS) operators are able to create new market opportunities and benefit from our seamless telecom solutions. We deploy high performance and reliable systems today serving a large number of subscribers worldwide.


We offer turn-key solutions to get you started quickly, and depending on our clients requirements, we also provide tailor-made solutions.

Increase revenues with Emblacom solutions
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