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Telecom API

Create new services easily using network data

TeleCom API enables powerful new services

A telecom API is an application programming interface (API) that enables the integration of telecom functions into various applications and services.

After implementing a telecom API in your network, you are able to launch powerful new services easily without complex telecom network integrations.  

Family Sharing subscription solution - Family SIM cards

MSISDN groups managed from Web or Mobile App

  • Data Allocations in real-time

  • Add new subscriptions from Mobile App

  • Easy to Use and Visual

  • Web, Android & iOS

  • Consumer Services (Family group)

  • Self-Service for Businesses

Family Sharing subscription solution - All in one invoice

Successfull Business Cases

  • IoT Services

  • Anti fraud for insurance companies

  • Identification

  • Family Group

  • Micro/Small Business Services

One API -  Powerful OTT services

IoT, Family Grouping or Micro Office are just a few examples of possible services on top of a powerful Telecom API.  

Services are developed by using very common APIs such as REST. The network complexity (Diameter, CAP, CDRs, SMPP,  and such are all behind the EmblaCom Mobility Suite - Telecom API. 


OTT Services IoT Management, Data Sharing Apps, PBXs, Group Management, etcetera. (Rest AP
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Do you have an telecom API in place in your network already?

Our API has been implemented for six (6) different carrier networks.  Each carrier has launched different services on top.


Some successful examples:

  • m-Family App

  • Micro Office (1-5 employees)

  • Easy Mobile PBX

  •  Automated online subscriptions

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