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Our journey

Emblacom - We develop customized features within Telecom Software Solutions

Where it all started

Emblacom has been providing efficient and stable solutions to mobile operators all over the world since 1998. Our solutions have successfully helped mobile operators be competitive in the B2B market and increase their revenues. With a successful track record in the B2B market, we decided to launch our Family Plans product in 2021, aimed at the B2C market.

Since 2008 Emblacom is owned by a Swedish private equity fund. 


Emblacom's solutions are highly valued by mobile operators. The Emblacom Mobility Suite platform is known to be very stable and can easily be customized to suit customers' different demands, and our solutions have a fast lead time from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our solutions and staying competitive. In the future, we are expected to continue growing at the rapid rate we have grown in recent years. 

Emblacom - Forefront solutions for Mobile Operator companies
Emblacom client logotype: Claro Ecuador and Argentina
Emblacom client logotype: Telia Company
Emblacom client logotype: Tele2
Emblacom client logotype: Telenor
Emblacom client logotype: Mobifone Vietnam
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