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Family plans

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Family Sharing subscription solution - Grow postpaid

Grow postpaid

Increase your postpaid subscription base by supplying your customer with Family Plans. A smart solution with a fixed monthly fee-setup.

Family Sharing subscription solution - Increase loyalty

Increase loyalty

Families look for simple subscription solutions for their family. Increase customer loyalty with Family Plans package.

Family Sharing subscription solution - Family SIM cards

Family SIM cards

Each family member receives SIM cards, installs them as normal SIM cards, and can start using them.

Family Sharing subscription solution - All in one invoice

All in one invoice

With Family Plans, the family only needs one subscription and only receives one invoice per month. It's just that simple!


24/7 support

Feature customization

Turn-key solutions

App for easy management

Family Plans is the perfect solution for families around the world. One contract, one invoice, one administrator, and several SIM cards for the entire family.

The family administrator gets access to the Family Plans app and can easily manage data and voice usage from the mobile app, access the traffic dashboard, configure data and traffic limits, get an overview of usage per user, and adjust settings in real time.

Family Sharing subscription solution - App view 3
Family Sharing subscription solution - App view 2
Family Sharing subscription solution - App view 1
Family Sharing subscription solution - Family picture

Become families 1st choice

Supply a beneficial subscription to your family customers with Family Plans package and brand as "No. 1 operator for families". Now they can control their expenses with the all-in-one mobile subscription.

With this solution, your company will secure postpaid income and increase customer loyalty, as the family customer will receive a fixed monthly fee invoice based on the chosen plan.

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