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Family Mobile Subscription Success Case (M-Family Plan)

EmblaCom Mobile Family plan (M-Family) was launched together with Mobifone Vietnam in 2021. Mobifone is a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) with approximately 24M mobile subscribers.

With M-Family it's possible to contract several mobile lines (SIM cards) administrated through one simple Mobile App (branded for Mobifone) and it's invoiced through one invoice per family. All voice, and data traffic can be shared and monitored and shut down in real-time through an m-family mobile app.

Other key features have been online registration and provisioning. All features are technically realized through EmblaCom Mobility Suite API (Telecom API). Service is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid.

The service has been extremely successful with its already 400.000 subscribers, and growing fast.

End-User Features in Mobifone, Vietnam

  • Adding up to ten (10) family members

  • Free and unlimited calls to family

  • Family share a mobile plan

  • Adjust data traffic limits between members in real time

  • Renew mobile plans and manage top-ups

  • Add/remove members

  • Control members’ and entire group traffic consumption

As a result of the success and rapid growth in the number of subscribers, Mobifone took the strategic decision to move “m-family” to its business area MDS (Mobifone Digital Service). The move to MDS made it possible to bundle the services with other VAS services such as Video-On-Demand, music streaming, and educational services. Currently m-Family is branded and sold as a stand-alone product or as a bundle.

Benefits for Mobile Network Operators or MVNOs launching Family Subscription packages with Family Mobile App

We have found mobile network operators (MNOs) benefit in many different ways from launching family subscription packages. Here are some advantages for MNOs in offering family plans:

  1. Increased Customer Retention: Family plans can promote customer loyalty and reduce churn rates. By offering a convenient and cost-effective solution for families, MNOs can encourage customers to stay with their services in the long term.

  2. Higher Average Revenue per User (ARPU): Family plans often involve multiple lines or devices bundled together, resulting in a higher ARPU compared to individual plans. MNOs can generate more revenue by attracting families who are willing to pay for a comprehensive package for all their members.

  3. Expanded Customer Base: Family plans can attract new customers to the MNO's services. Families looking for shared mobile plans are more likely to consider MNOs that offer suitable family packages, providing an opportunity for MNOs to tap into this market segment and expand their customer base.

  4. Upselling Opportunities: MNOs can leverage family plans as an opportunity to upsell additional services or features. For example, they can offer add-ons like parental controls, data-sharing options, or device protection plans for an additional fee, boosting revenue and enhancing the value proposition for customers.

  5. Differentiation and Competitive Advantage: In a highly competitive market, offering family subscription packages can help MNOs differentiate themselves from their competitors. It provides a unique selling point and appeals to customers who are specifically looking for family-oriented mobile plans.

  6. Network Utilization and Efficiency: Family plans allow MNOs to optimize network utilization. By sharing a pool of resources among family members, MNOs can better manage network capacity, allocate data effectively, and ensure efficient use of their infrastructure.

  7. Marketing and Promotion Opportunities: Family plans provide MNOs with targeted marketing opportunities. They can tailor their advertising and promotional campaigns to reach families, highlighting the benefits and cost savings associated with their family packages.

It's worth noting that the success of family subscription packages for MNOs depends on factors such as market demand, competitive landscape, pricing strategies, and the ability to provide quality service to multiple users. MNOs need to carefully analyze their target market and design family plans that meet the needs and preferences of families while aligning with their business objectives.

Keys to commercial success - benefits for families

For family subscriptions to grow successfully, there has to be added value for families. This is a service that grows not only by publicity but also mouth-to-mouth. We have identified several benefits for families.

  1. Cost Savings: Family plans typically offer discounted rates compared to individual plans. Instead of paying for separate subscriptions for each family member, a family plan allows you to share a pool of minutes, messages, and data, which can result in significant cost savings.

  2. Shared Data: With a family mobile subscription, you can allocate a shared data pool among family members. This feature can be particularly useful if some members use more data while others use less. It allows for efficient utilization of data and reduces the chances of overage charges.

  3. Convenience: Managing a single account for the entire family is more convenient than handling separate accounts. You can consolidate billing and view real-time usage for all family members in one place, making it easier to manage and budget for your mobile expenses.

  4. Unlimited Calling and Texting: Many family plans offer unlimited calling and texting among family members on the same plan. This can be beneficial for keeping in touch with each other without worrying about exceeding limits or incurring additional charges.

  5. Device Discounts: Some mobile carriers offer device discounts or special offers for family plans. This can help families to save money on purchasing or upgrading multiple devices for their family members.

  6. Parental Controls: Family mobile plans often include parental control features, allowing parents to set restrictions on usage, monitor usage patterns, and implement safeguards for younger family members. This can help ensure responsible and safe mobile device usage.

EmblaCom M-Family MNO/MVNO requirements

If you are an MNO or MVNO and interested in M-Family for your subscribers, please contact us.


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