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Telecom API - Carrier network becomes agile!

A telecom API is an application programming interface (API) that enables the integration of telecom functions into various applications and services.

Telecom APIs are used to access telecom data, services, and functions, including mobile network services such as:

  • Data usage details

  • Call detail records

  • Messaging

  • Subscription & network access.

Telecom APIs are being used to power various services, including IoT, mobile payment solutions, contextual marketing, fraud detection, and customer service automation.

Telecom API - use cases

  1. Auto Subscription. This can be useful for example in IoT if the customer would like to add a new IoT device easily through a Mobile App or online web app. For a Telecom operator, this is a new subscription.

  2. Data Sharing: It's possible to subscribe to an X Gb of data and then share that data e.g. between family members. Or company employees.

  3. Mobile Number Validation: Telecom APIs can validate phone numbers by querying a network provider’s database and confirming that the number is valid and active. This can be useful for authentication or fraud prevention.

  4. SMS Messaging: Telecom APIs can enable applications to send and receive SMS messages. This could be used for two-factor authentication, marketing campaigns, or notifications.

  5. Number Portability: Telecom APIs can be used to check if a phone number can be ported or transferred to a different network provider. This is useful when customers switch service providers and want to keep their number.

Step-by-Step Integration

Our recommendation is to integrate an API into a use step by step. Starting with something simple - something with already successful use cases and customers, Family Data sharing or SMS authentications could be something like that.

The integration project should not last more than a month in order to rapidly test the use cases with real customers. This is possible by limiting the API functionality for example to authentication, data, and of course billing.

Contact us

We have implemented several Telecom APIs for different mobile carriers, and we manage 1.500.000 users through our APIs every day.

We would be happy to talk with you about your requirements.


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