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VAS & Network Integrations for MNO´s 

Telecom Solution Provider (MNO, MVNO)

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Solution Provider for Telecom

We work with 3G, 4G, 5G, and protocols such as CAP, Diameter, SIP, or SMPP. With our Telecom API you can hide complex network integrations. 

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Critical Service Provider

Millions of calls and data transactions go  through our platforms every day. We do understand critical systems.

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Feature optimization

A dedicated development team at your disposal for any feature required. Don't know which feature you need? No worries, we help you identify and build it.


OTT Services IoT Management, Data Sharing Apps, PBXs, Group Management, etcetera. (Rest AP

Telecom API

After implementing a telecom API in your network, you are able to launch powerful new services easily without complex telecom network integrations.  


Telecom API can be used for auto subscription, data sharing, mobile number validation, SMS messaging, and number portability.

Telecom IoT

Telecom IoT are enabled by telecom networks that allows billions of devices to communicate with each other over the internet, enabling a multitude of applications, such as smart homes, connected cars, smart cities, connected health, and industrial automation.

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Family Plans

Smooth experience for the families with several SIM cards, full cost control, shared traffic and data, and only one invoice. This solution is a low initial investment for your company and increases your customer loyalty. It has proven to be a very successful subscription!


About us

Emblacom is a Finnish software development company providing cutting-edge telecommunication solutions with value-added services to mobile network operators (MNO). EmblaCom’s solutions comprise intelligent telephony, voice & data handling, PBX, VPN, and much more. We deploy high-performance and reliable systems to a wide range of operators around the world.

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